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Wexit BC
Jul. 2017
John Horgan Becomes Premier
Despite not securing a majority of seats, Horgan's BC NDP takes control of British Columbia with the support of the BC Greens. This marks the start of vicious partisanship. Whole regions of BC are economically devastated. Taxation skyrockets and social liberty is regularly under attack.
Oct. 2019
Federal Election 2019
Justin Trudeau is re-elected, despite losing the popular vote and having an extreme loss of support in Western Canada. The West realizes that they have no real voice in Canada. Within hours Wexit becomes a household word with a quarter of a million supporters online.
Nov. 2019
Wexit BC Founded
Wexit supporters in BC gather and found a new provincial political party - Wexit BC. This party is created as a bulwark against the endless partisanship and political games of the BC NDP & BC Liberals and as a line of defense against the blatant exploitation of BC by Ottawa.
Wexit BC Prepares for Election
The BC minority government is liable to fall at any time. Wexit BC plans to immediately prepare for this event. Our first Wexit BC Convention is to occur this year. We will also start the process of repairing and re-unifying our fractured BC by founding local constituency associations and holding events in every district of our great province.
Wexit BC forms Government in Victoria
This will be a key milestone towards crafting an exciting and better future for both BC and the West. As soon as possible we will hold a referendum on British Columbia's peaceful secession from the east while working with our Wexit Party of Canada partners to see that our referendum is not ignored in Ottawa.
West is One

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History is being made! Stand up for British Columbia and our neighbors. Help end the injustice of the eastern exploitation of our home and Western nation. Don't be just a spectator, volunteer.

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