I've often thought of how one would define themselves in this “Post-Nationalist” idealism we seem to have woken up to, as our Prime Minister so eloquently stated. Yet despite this declaration of post-nationalism, I find myself without a leader who can't lead a country. As a Canadian, I expect our nation to be chastised in the international press as Canadians as being passive and polite people. I grin with a sense of hidden pride when these things make themselves humorously apparent. Call

January 28, 2020 After consulting with our Regional Organizers and our Executive team, we have put together a foundation document of our direction, and our fundamentals of change.  We have the best interests in mind of all British Columbians. We feel that it is our responsibility to change the status quo within our current government and how it lacks wisdom and intelligent choices.  We are regular folks, just like you.  The difference is, we decided to stand up and do something about it.  The suits

This week marks a huge milestone for Wexit B.C.. We have officially become a registered provincial party in British Columbia.  We have opened up our membership page for those who wish to join in our success.  We will be making strides to make significant changes for B.C..  To join, simply click here, or on the "Join" link at the top of our home page, or within our "Get Involved" menu.     We are building a solid foundation to usher in a new way to govern, a

January 1, 2020 For immediate release; To start the new year off right , Wexit B.C. is now an officially registered party in the Province of British Columbia. 81 days since inception, the hard work of the volunteer staff and executive team has shown the fruits of their labours.  We are very excited about the future this party holds for all British Columbian's.  Whether you lean left, or right, Wexit B.C.'s platform ensures we are placed directly in the middle of the two.  We are proud

NEW WESTMINSTER -- The Executive Cabinet of the Wexit BC Party met for the third time, it has elected its second interim-directors. The Executive Cabinet is now: JP Simenson Lee Smith - Interim Party Leader Dan Ahlm Lana Johnson Ken Van Dewark Nick Sakata - Interim CFO Bylaws governing how amendments to the constitution and bylaws occur, the governance of the Executive Cabinet of the Party, and the establishment of an Independent Congress of British Columbia to govern the Party were passed. These will be posted to the website soon. The establishment

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