Wexit British Columbia

It’s Official! Wexit B.C. has received its registration papers

January 1, 2020

For immediate release;

To start the new year off right , Wexit B.C. is now an officially registered party in the Province of British Columbia. 81 days since inception, the hard work of the volunteer staff and executive team has shown the fruits of their labours.  We are very excited about the future this party holds for all British Columbian’s.  Whether you lean left, or right, Wexit B.C.’s platform ensures we are placed directly in the middle of the two.  We are proud to be part of this amazing movement for all of Western Canada.  Rest assured, in the upcoming weeks we will be making strides to set up our constituency associations across the province.  We’ve heard you loud and clear British Columbia, and now we push forward towards our goals and aspirations.  Please join our many social media platforms to stay current on the upcoming events in your region.  Our next regional event will be taking place in the beautiful Peachland B.C., as part of our regional organizers meet and greet meetings to understand the concerns and desires for the future of all British Columbians.  The upcoming event, Jan 12, 2020 will be held at 2:00 p.m. PST, and graciously hosted by our one and only, Mark Gonczy, Regional Organizer for the Kelowna  – Okanagan region.  This event is open to all, and will be held at 1st & Beach restaurant.  Thanks to all those that make the journey to take part in these historic events.

This is how the west was ONE!

J. Simenson – Wexit B.C. CIO, and Interim Executive Founder