Wexit British Columbia

Updates on Wexit BC Progress


We have received a common question frequently. It is a good question. It deserves a good answer. What is Wexit BC doing today to get organized?

Firstly, we have assembled an interim-executive of 7 people. The names of these people have been posted recently. Some of these people were those who took the initiative to get Wexit B.C. started on the evening of the election. The majority were then recruited based on experience available in October. On this fledgling executive, we have three members who have been active in provincial and federal political parties at the candidate and executive level. We have ex-military, small business owners, directors in the energy industry, we have a doctor, C-level executives, we have a media expert. We have the north, interior, island and lower mainland represented. It’s a good start. But it’s only the start.

This is very much an interim executive. Every day we are holding interviews to add additional talent. We are struggling to find the hours in the day to get all these interviews scheduled, there are a lot of stellar volunteers. We are so fortunate and thankful for those who already volunteered to help.

We seek to form another, even better interim executive by the end of the year which will organize an AGM to kick off a permanent leadership selection process and candidate identification in all districts. Soon we will start raising funds once we are formed as a legal entity in BC.

We are registering Wexit BC as a provincial Party. The way the legislation is written, referendums can be heavily influenced or outright rejected by Victoria. We are at a huge disadvantage not being in the legislature. We cannot trust any current party to accurately reflect the will of B.C. We need a voice in the legislature to (1) make sure the referendum is defended and done properly in an airtight manner, Ottawa cannot question it, and (2) make sure the interests of British Columbians are freed from the partisan fires that drive policymaking. Policies that only suppress our prosperity and diminish the West and BC, time and time again. Wexit BC will put B.C. first and work towards common grounds unifying our badly divided province and Western nation.

This task is huge, beyond huge. But it’s not every day we have thousands of British Columbian patriots volunteering to help build a better future. This inspires and gives hope. We have a duty to unify our drive, our voice and our hope towards a better government in Victoria.