Wexit British Columbia

Updates from Wexit BC Executive Cabinet Meeting

NEW WESTMINSTER — The Executive Cabinet of the Wexit BC Party met for the third time, it has elected its second interim-directors. The Executive Cabinet is now:

JP Simenson

Lee Smith – Interim Party Leader

Dan Ahlm

Lana Johnson

Ken Van Dewark

Nick Sakata – Interim CFO

Bylaws governing how amendments to the constitution and bylaws occur, the governance of the Executive Cabinet of the Party, and the establishment of an Independent Congress of British Columbia to govern the Party were passed. These will be posted to the website soon.

The establishment of a Wexit BC First Nations Committee to be chaired by Dan Ahlm was also passed.

The interim-leadership of Lee Smith was extended until the end of January 2020.

The next Executive Cabinet meeting is to occur on December 14, 2019.

We thank the outgoing directors for their service to the West and British Columbia, they were essential towards establishing the foundation of Wexit BC. Thank you to Cody Lee, Neeraj Murarka, and Dave McDonald.