A Bipartisan Party Constitution that puts BC and the West First

For too long politicians in Victoria and Ottawa have pitted British Columbian against British Columbian, Westerner against Westerner, all in an attempt to win the next election. This is shortsighted and does not benefit you. This politics of division only diminishes BC and our opportunity to live the lives we imagined.

What is this Party Constitution?

The BC Elections Act requires that all political parties have a Party Consitution. This document has two purposes.

  1. To officially describe the name of the Party.
  2. To officially outline the general purpose of the Party and it’s intent in supporting the election of MLAs in the legislature.

The Wexit BC Party Consitution serves these purposes. It was passed unanimously during the first Party executive meeting on October 27, 2019. 

Further details pertaining to the operation of the Party is outlined in Party Bylaws.

Purpose of the Wexit BC Party

The Wexit BC Party (henceforth called the Party) exists to support the election of Party Members to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. These members are to advance and bring forth the Principles of the Party within the province.

Core Principles of the Party:

The Wexit BC Party exists to advocate for and defend the following Principles of the Party which are listed below: (see the following tabs)

1. Peaceful secession from the federal government of Canada

That self-determination of British Columbians can only be realized by British Columbia peacefully seceding from the federal government of Canada.

2. Self-determination and sovereignty

The Party recognizes the existence of a nation, made up of the peoples of Western Canada, who share a common cultural, economic, geographic, linguistic, and political bond. The Party advocates for self-determination and sovereignty of this nation.

3. Prosperity and liberty is achieved through Western unification

The future prosperity and liberty of British Columbia is best realized through unification into a sovereign nation composed of the presently sub-sovereign entities of western Canada. These entities include but are not limited to, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Towards this ends, our Party shall work with those groups and entities that seek similar goals throughout Western Canada.

4. Recognition of present federal, provincial institutions

The Party recognizes the present elected federal, provincial, and Canadian institutions. It shall peacefully work with these institutions towards the goal of an independent British Columbia within a unified sovereign Western Canadian entity. The Party is to work with the Canadian governing institutions towards a fair and mutually beneficial reconciliation on the matter of Western Canadian Sovereignty.

5. Geographic Western Canada is culturally and economically integrated, and indivisible

Our Party staunchly opposes any policy that diminishes the prosperity and liberty of British Columbians or lessens the well-being of the nation of Western Canadians as a whole. We recognize that all of geographic Western Canada is culturally and economically integrated, and indivisible. We advocate that our Western Canadian national community can only thrive together, through cooperation and respect.

6. The Party is non-partisan and welcomes all Western patriots

The Party is non-partisan. It welcomes any British Columbian or member of the Western Canadian nation residing within territorial British Columbia seeking to build a brighter future through the establishment of a peaceful, democratic, Western Canadian sovereign entity. Our Party welcomes all British Columbians from all walks of life. We welcome those from all regions of the province, who may hold politically left, center, or right-wing political philosophies, to participate equally as patriotic Western Canadians of British Columbia.

7. The Party will develop effective policy based on bipartisan collection of evidence

The Party shall work in partnership and consultation with all critical social, academic, and economic-industrial players within Western Canada and defend the shared interests of the Western Canadians of British Columbia.

8. First Nations are to be partners in building BC

The Party gives deep respect to the First Nations of British Columbia. Members of these nations are critical stakeholders within the socio-political fabric of Western Canada. Members of those First Nations who share our principles are to be welcomed into our Party. All the First Nations, as stakeholders, are to be consulted and included in the governance of British Columbia and a future unified Western Canadian governing entity.

9. We firmly renounce intolerance, and will defend all Western peoples in BC

Our Party and our future government will not support discriminatory notions. The Party will oppose prejudice, such as, but not limited to, intolerance of ethnicity, gender, place of birth, sexual orientation, and religion. All peoples who contribute towards building British Columbia or the Western Canadian nation are to be welcomed as part of the ever-growing legacy of Western Canada.

10. The government exists to serve all Westerners of British Columbia

The Party supports and promotes the precept that the provincial government of British Columbia is to serve Western Canadian peoples within the province of British Columbia first and foremost.

11. Fiscal prosperity is best achieved in an open market

To support and promote the precept that fiscal prosperity in British Columbia is best achieved through the buying and selling of goods and services peacefully in an open market.

12. The government is to preserve the right to liberty

The Party holds that the primary duty of the government is to preserve the right to liberty and to defend British Columbians from those persons or institutions that seek to diminish any of the above principles.

Party Name

A. The name of the Party shall be Wexit BC (Wexit British Columbia) Party, henceforth to be referred to as the Party.

Download a Copy of the Party Constitution

You may download a copy of this constitution here.

Party Bylaws

Information will be updated with the most current version pending approval

Wexit BC Membership Policy

Wexit BC Member Conduct Policy – Coming soon

Wexit BC Executive Board

Wexit BC Executive Board – Coming soon

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