Wexit British Columbia

Wexit BC’s Vision for the Future

January 28, 2020

After consulting with our Regional Organizers and our Executive team, we have put together a foundation document of our direction, and our fundamentals of change.  We have the best interests in mind of all British Columbians. We feel that it is our responsibility to change the status quo within our current government and how it lacks wisdom and intelligent choices.  We are regular folks, just like you.  The difference is, we decided to stand up and do something about it.  The suits no longer have a pulse on what we need. Well, have they ever?

What works best for BC almost seemingly gets missed by prioritizing special interests.  The core of our society is significantly under-represented by the current 2 party system.  2 sides of the same coin if one looks closely enough.

We need a choice, and a voice. Neither of which we had until this January when Wexit BC took official party status.  We need to finally end this charade once and for all and get back what belongs to us.

-Wexit BC

Link to .pdf document below