Wexit British Columbia

What say you? 


     I’ve often thought of how one would define themselves in this “Post-Nationalist” idealism we seem to have woken up to, as our Prime Minister so eloquently stated. Yet despite this declaration of post-nationalism, I find myself without a leader who can’t lead a country. As a Canadian, I expect our nation to be chastised in the international press as Canadians as being passive and polite people. I grin with a sense of hidden pride when these things make themselves humorously apparent. Call it a little inside joke, but this particular aspect is no joke. With the current undertones of instability and the seemingly limitless bank account of our current government, let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing polite about how this Canadian feels. 

    I resent being a Canadian, and resent being part of Canada. The results of such poor leadership and instability could easily be resolved if the rest of us would find our respective cahonies, and demand change. Ah yes, the passive and polite Canadian doesn’t cause a fuss or ruckus. We just sit idly by while the world passes by with a large double double in our hands. See, even if that double double was way too hot, we’d patiently wait for things to cool down and enjoy a tradition we have all come to recognize. But that double double isn’t going to cool down here, at all. It’s going to get much hotter, hot to the point of being extremely uncomfortable. I’m sure you can see where this metaphorical comparison is going. The whole point of political posturing is to achieve an end goal. The latest end goal seems to be pressure and instability. What seems blatantly obvious is that our current government is acting like the ostrich, or is it? At some point, one needs to question whether this is nothing more than a political game, but with much higher stakes at hand. Foreign-funded oppression isn’t getting checked at the border. Our hidden enemies to the south have made it apparent their bank accounts know no limits when it comes to interfering in our political and economic systems. 

   Our Prime Minister has made it abundantly apparent his incompetence as a leader is opening up opportunities for foreign influence to wreak havoc on our economic viability, our nationality, and our patriotism. This persistence of deflection and sheer lack of accountability has most certainly created another aspect of division within this country. The east has persistently become a thorn in the side of Western Canadians and has for many years. So much so, we would rather leave this confederation than endure the shortcomings and shortsightedness of our current government. Our country is broken and divided. The west even suffers its own regional apathy. When uninformed individuals get angry, logic, although largely absent, to begin with, becomes apathetic toward even another westerner. The unfortunate side effect of being shortsighted and superficially judgemental. The only way any of us are going to make it out of this situation is to unite ourselves for the greater good of the west. The simple truth is, we are better off divided as a country, but aligned as western provinces, to form a new nation, free of dictatorship. Unless we can set aside false perceptions of regional apathy, we are sadly doomed to endure the same future. I’m personally not willing to endure that future, nor should my children.

   British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, need to find our way out of confederation, soon. Our futures depend on what we are going to do versus what we passively wait for. Now is the time for us to show our determination. What must we face before we join the fight? We must not let our shortsightedness rule our judgments because it hasn’t affected us directly. We need to look ahead at the road before us. We are fighting for the fundamentals of the very things the east wants to take away from all of us.

   Our freedoms we cherish 

   We cannot sit idly by anymore. We must not sit and wait for the subsequent buffoonery from the Liberal kangaroo government. We must not wait until it reaches our front door before we resist. If we don’t act, it will be too late. We must act now. We must unite for our future.

What say you?


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